Quantized photon

. . . .

Red's location =
Green's location =
Distance apart =
Mean distance =
Latest speed of red particle =
Latest speed of green particle =
Speed of the system =

Each time we nudge the red particle, it accelerates, but it moves only when it sends a photon, which happens at the same time it receives one. It begins moving at the beginning of the photon (yellow dot), and stops moving at the end (blue dot), so it doesn't move all the time, which is why the speed of the system is lower than the speed of the particles. To accelerate constantly, hold the "Enter" key down after having hit the "Nudge" button once. Holding "Enter" down gives us the feeling of constant force that we have to apply when we want to accelerate a body. That force doesn't apply instantly, we have to wait untill the beginning of the photon hits the red particle before it accelerates. If a real force would apply instantly, a body would accelerate instantly, and we would not be able to feel the force. Notice that the mean distance between the particles gets down as the speed of the system goes up. It is so because the force comes from the left, so that the red particle always accelerates before the green one.

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